The fact that GID has been founded by European and African Academies bears witness to its commitment to true and proper Euro-African joint development, without which any form of sustainable development would be an illusion.

Bearing in mind all the countries that share the Mediterranean Sea, GID has given rise to the creation of an academic Euro-Mediterranean network that gathers about thirty academies and is still expanding.

Through EMAN, GID intends to marshal knowledge in the service of development, building on a demand policy. This policy is much more ambitious and relevant than the supply policy, which has shown its limits. Indeed, it implies a prerequisite: one must make every effort to identify the real needs, foster the expression of actual demands and try to address them through relevant knowledge. GID thus organizes conventions (Parmenides) to identify the real development problems as perceived by the decision-makers and users, review and discuss the available knowledge that may solve such specific problems, and point the gaps that need to be filled in matters of education, training, research, development. These conventions gather decision-makers, scientists and civil society representatives, and contribute to reconciling knowledge and power, which are too often either separated by those in charge of making development decisions, or ill-suited to help them in such decision-making processes.

Euro-Mediterranean Academic Network, 21 juin 2010 à Alexandrie, Égypte

Assemblée présidée par : Yehia Zaky et André Capron

Les académies fondatrices du GID et celles du réseau GID-EMAN se sont réunies à l'Hôtel Golden Tulip, au 6 place Henri Verneuil - 13002 Marseille, le 28 Septembre 2016 à 16h45.

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Edited by Yohanan Friedmann and Livnat Barkan