EU-Mediterranean: first research partnership for sustainable water and food

The European Commission on Tuesday presented a research proposal in partnership and innovation in the Mediterranean area - PRIMA, which aims to develop innovative solutions essential for sustainable management of water supply and food production.

For M. Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for research, science and innovation, the Euro-Mediterranean partnership is an excellent example of an area in which the pooling of intellectual and financial resources can make a huge gain. "In addition to better supply the local population with drinking water and food, it will boost the economy of the region and create jobs. Through PRIMA, research and innovation will play a crucial role in the fight against causes of immigration, "he said.
The proposal of the Commission already includes Cyprus, Egypt, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Israel, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco, Portugal, the Czech Republic and Tunisia. The participation of Germany is currently being negotiated. The number of countries participating European and non-European should grow as grow the interest in this initiative.
The participating States will contribute to the partnership through a contribution of about 200 million euros, equivalent to the European Union through its research framework program Horizon 2020. The partnership will begin in 2018, for a period of ten years.
Article Source Xinhuanet