LOGO GID fastdevEuro-Sub-Saharan Conventions (FastDev, Forum Africain des Sciences et Technologies pour le Développement [African Convention on Sciences and Technologies for Development]), organized in close cooperation with the academies of GID-ESAN (the Euro-Sub-Saharan Academic Network), gather every year scientists, technologists and, more extensively, all the actors involved in development for a specific field under consideration – decision makers, economists, experts in human sciences, GID partners – as well as representatives from society.

Their objective is to reveal and bring to the fore real development needs, confront them to knowledge either available or requiring further exploration, identify the scientific, technological, socioeconomic or cultural impediments to mobilizing knowledge in the service of development, and draw up recommendations to overcome them.

For these not to go unheeded, GID plays a fundamental, proactive role. Its two options are: to directly implement recommendations when they fall within the scope of its own actions – with training courses such as the Sciences, Métiers et Société [Science, Jobs and Society] Workshop or the WHEP Programmes for example – or to foster their implementation in the opposite case.

Les forums FastDev

  • 1er forum GID-FastDev "L'emploi des jeunes: la nécessaire co-construction des enseignements-formations et des entreprises"

    Lieu : King Fahd Palace, Dakar, Sénégal
    Date : 22-24 février 2016
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Putting knowledge in the service of development

François GUINOT, Président du GID