An exchange forum has been organized by the GID on 20 and 21 November 2017 during the Agriculture and Animal Livestock Fair (SARA) in Abidjan (Ivory Coast) on the theme “Improving of Youth Employment in Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa”, in collaboration with 4 French Academies (Agriculture, Sciences, Technology and Overseas Sciences) and the Ivorian Academy of Sciences, Arts, African Cultures and Diasporas (ASCAD). 

Dans une interview réalisée par Michel Taube, Directeur de la publication d'Opinion internationale, François Guinot s'exprime sur les objectifs et les activités du Groupe Interacadémique pour le Développement - GID en tant centre de réflexion et d'action. 

Dans le prolongement de ses forums annuels, le GID organise, à Abidjan en Côte d’Ivoire les 21 et 22 novembre 2017, la rencontre « FastDev Agri » destinée à donner aux jeunes africains l’envie de s’engager dans des métiers d’une agriculture africaine rénovée par l’apport de nouvelles technologies. Cette conférence fait suite au Forum africain de la science et de la technologie pour le développement (FastDev) tenu à Dakar en 2016 sur l’emploi des jeunes.

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At the SARA Agricultural and Animal Resources Fair in Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

analyzed on the basis of concrete examples of success, presented by their promoters. 

The aim is to offer young rural Africans examples of successful agricultural systems endorsed by African and European Science and Technology Academies, encouraging them to engage in agriculture-related occupations on a solid basis. These examples, presented on a dedicated Internet platform located in Agropolis International and accessible to as many person as possible, will especially lead to the creation of a network of farm-schools and farm-ventures in rural Africa. The strength of the "pedagogy by example" and field-based initiatives are the driving force behind this project, supported by African Ministers of Agriculture and Livestocks.

Since the Interacademic-Group for Development (GID) became operational in 2007, it became time to think about the new directions, priorities and strategy we would like the GID to adopt for the coming years.



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Marshalling knowledge in the service of development

François GUINOT, Président du GID