Putting knowledge in the service of development

The Groupe interacadémique pour le développement - GID - is an international association that was established in 2007 by eleven academic institutions in Africa and southern Europe. In putting knowledge in the service of development, the GID promotes one of the UN’s Millenium Development Goals, namely Bridging the gap between scientific output and the needs of the stakeholders.

The goal : joint European and African development

The founding of the GID by European and African academic institutions attests to the organization’s commitment to genuine joint European and African development, without which sustainable development is merely a pipe dream.

In the interest of reaching its objectives, the GID is piggybacked onto two key academic networks, in whose creation the GID was instrumental : GID-EMAN (Euro-Mediterranean Academic Network) and GID-ESAN (Euro-Subsaharian Academic Network).

The Groupe interacadémique pour le développement (GID): 

  • comprises unique constellation of knowledge and experiencethe diversity of its areas of expertise enable it to address development issues in all of their technological, socio-economic and cultural complexity;  
  • is, by virtue of its academic nature, an autonomous entity that pursues no partisan agenda;  
  • conducts its activities strictly based on a “supply-side” policy, to which end the GID solicits the views of and listens carefully to such stakeholders, when it comes to their actual development needs; 
  • is unwaveringly committed to ensuring that each and every one of its actions creates value – and refrains from carrying out actions in cases where others are in a better position to do so;
  • is open to any type of partnership that will strengthen its ability to act.


Three key missions for achieving these goals

  1. Centers of reflection; a proposal powerhouse Read more

  2.  A catalyst of development measures Read more

  3. Action through education, job training and information Read more


The fact that GID has been founded by European and African Academies bears witness to its commitment to true and proper Euro-African joint development, without which any form of sustainable development would be an illusion.

Bearing in mind all the countries that share the Mediterranean Sea, GID has given rise to the creation of an academic Euro-Mediterranean network (GID-EMAN) that gathers about thirty academies and is still expanding.

The GID-ESAN Sub-Saharan network is about to be formed around the Académie Nationale des Sciences et Techniques du Sénégal (ANSTS), a Founding Academy of GID, and the Académie Nationale des Sciences, des Arts et des Lettres du Bénin (ANSALB), Académie Nationale des Sciences, des Arts et des Lettres du Togo (ANSALT), Académie Nationale des Sciences du Burkina Faso (ANSB), Académie Nationale des Sciences du Développement (ANSD) of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Cameroon Academy of Sciences. Close cooperation is be established with NASAC, whose Chair is the Chancellor of the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology in Morocco, a Founding Academy of GID, and whose Vice Chair is the Chairperson of ANSTS.