Science, Jobs and Society


The GID Sciences, Métiers et Société [Science, Jobs and Society] Workshops serve the needs of task force managers and administrative services involved in formulating public policy in their countries. The most recent scientific and technological knowledge is passed on, views are shared with attendees from other countries confronted with similar problems, industrial unit executives take part in extensive discussions, etc.: at the end of these training sessions, participants have a clear insight of what is possible and what may enable them to change their professional practice. These workshops give birth to specialized networks that are open to them.

The organization of the workshops takes into account the participants’ availability (3 to 4 days) and aims at having information immediately shared among them. One of the workshops takes place in a host country which greets the guest countries. The universality of knowledge is thus associated to the socio-cultural specificity of the countries and regions: “integrated knowledge” (integrating science, economics, social sciences and law) thus eases its way into the practice of development and fits the jobs that support it. Such an aspect is highlighted by field visits.

Themes of the last workshops Science-Jobs-Society