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Rome, ”Mediterranean archaeology: an advanced training course” 8-10 October 2012

Lieu :  Rome

Date : 8-10 October 2012

This training course has been organized by the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, in the headquarters of the Lincei (the famous Palazzo Corsini), and developed with an hands-on activity at a specific and challenging archaeological site in Rome, the Domus Aurea of the Emperor Nerone.
In short, the program of the training course involved:

  1. lectures on general but focused topics in the field of archaeology and restoration to be held at the Palazzo Corsini;
  2. illustration in loco of practical problems of consolidation, conservation and restoration of a specific archaeological site in Rome identified in the Domus Aurea;
  3. an open discussion on the historical and technical problems focussed during the first two days of the course, and a discussion on the specific experience of the Trainees.

17countries were represented and 54 represenatives of culture and education tokk part in the workshop.
The in extenso proceedings of the course have been published in a volume under the auspices of the Fondazione Roma-Mediterraneo .