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Monday 14 November 2011, by Francis Segond
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4th Mediterranean Scientific Conference - GID-Parmenides
A Mediterranean Science Area

“Water and Sanitation:
Health Challenges in the Mediterranean Region”

Rabat, November 22-24, 2011

organised by the Inter-Academic Group for Development (GID), the Académie des sciences (France), the Académie nationale de médecine, the Académie des technologies (France),

with the support of the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology (Morocco), the Office national de l’eau potable (ONEP) and the National Institute of Hygiene (INH) of Morocco
of the Institut de France, of the French Ministery for Foreign and European Affairs, of the French Agency for Developement (AFD), of the French Inter-Ministerial Mission « Union pour la Méditerranée », of the French Embassy in Morocco

and the participation of the Fédération de la Construction, de l’Urbanisme & de l’Environnement (COBATY), of the Académie de l’eau and the Arab Water Academy (AWA)

Scientific Committee:

President: André Capron
Vice-President:Albert Sasson
Gen. Secr.: Jacques Fröchen
Dir. Comm.: Francis Segond

Mohamed Ait Kadi (Académie Hassan II)
Omar Assobhei (Académie Hassan II)
Catherine Bréchignac (Académie des sciences)
Maurizio Brunori (Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Italie)
Bertrand Charrier (Agence Française de Développement)
Louis Cot (Chaire Unesco, SIMEV)
Asma El-Kasmi (Arab Water Academy)
Sara Fernandez (Plan Bleu)
Ali Fassi-Fihri (Dir. Gén. de l’ONEP)
Omar Fassi-Fehri (SP Académie Hassan II)
Patrice Genet (COBATY Int.)
Marc Gentilini (Académie nationale de médecine)
Claude Griscelli (Académie Hassan II)
François Guinot (Académie des technologies)
Alain Jaffré (COBATY Int.)
Yannick Jaffré (Université d’Aix-Marseille)
Abderrahim Lachgar (consultant)
Pierre Laffitte (Sofia Antipolis)
Olivier Lafourcade (consultant)
Yves Lévi (Académie des technologies)
Guislain de Marsily (Académie des sciences)
Jean-Louis Oliver (Académie de l’Eau)
Gérard Orth (Académie des sciences)
Gilbert Rios (Chaire UNESCO - SIMEV)
Gilles Riveau (Institut Pasteur)
Jean-Claude Topin (consultant)

With the help of:


Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011
17:00-19:00General Assembly of EMAN (Euro Mediterranean Academic Network)
Wednesday, Novembre 23rd, 2011
- Moroccan Minister of Health
- Youssef Amrani, General Secretary of the Union pour la Méditerranée (UpM, (Barcelona)
- Ilan Chet, Deputy General Secretary of the Union pour la Méditerranée (Barcelone) for Research and Education
- Abdelhafid Debbarh, Secretary General, Department of Higher Education, Gov of Morocco
- Michèle Gendreau-Massaloux, French Inter-Ministerial Mission Union pour la Méditerranée (UpM) - in Charge of Training, Universities and Research (France)
- Joël Daligault, Agence Française pour le Développement (France)
- André Capron, President of the GID (Inter-academic Group for Development)
10:15-10:30Coffee Break
10:30-13:00Session 1: Health and integrated management of water resources
- Chair: André Capron
- Rapporteurs: Ghislain de Marsily (France), Omar Menzhi (Morocco)

1. Introduction: Water and health in the Mediterranean region: Marc Gentilini (France)
2. Urbanization: Charaf Eddine Fqih Berrada (Morocco)
3. Tourism: Carmen Altés (Spain)
4. Social and cultural dimensions: Marcella Nanni (Italy)
5. Drinking water and sanitation issues in Morocco: Ali Fassi-Fihri, General Director of the ONEP (Morocco)
6. Discussion

14:30-16:00Session 2: Health risks of microbial and chemical origin
- Chair: Rajae El Aouad, Director of the National Institute of Hygiene (INH), Morocco
- Rapporteurs: Piero Cappuccinelli (Italy), Alain-Jacques Valleron (France)

1. Major epidemiological risks: Piero Cappuccinelli (Italy)
2. Prevention and management of microbial risks associated with water (metagenomics): Stanislav Dusko Ehrlich (France-Croatia)
3. Water and contamination of the food chain: Martine Padilla (CIHEAM)
4. Sanitation risks in the Mediterranean coastal areas: Amel Jrad (Tunisia)
5. Discussion

16:30-18:30Session 2 (continued)
- Rapporteurs: Yves Lévi (France), Omar Assobhei (Morocco)

1. Microbiological impact of waste-water effluents in coastal regions: Bernard Saunier (France)
2. Health and technologies issues related to organic micropollutants in water: Yves Lévi (France)
3. Impact of pharmaceutical effluents: Peter Paulich (Germany)
4. Cyanobacteria and cyano-toxins (water reservoirs): Nicole Tandeau de Marsac (France)
5. Reuse of domestic waste waters: health implications, standards, treatment strategies, cost issues and two process alternatives from both ends of the technology spectrum: Celal F. Gokcay (Turkey)
6. Discussion

19:30-20:00Meeting of chairs and rapporteurs (Golden Tulip Farah Hotel)
20:30Dinner hosted by ONEP
Thursday, November 24th, 2011
9:00-10:30Session 3: Concepts and technologies of sanitation
A. Technologies (membranes, nanotechnologies, …): evaluation and follow-up

- Chair: Albert Sasson (Morocco)
- Rapporteurs : François Guinot (France), Mohamed Fekhaoui (Morocco)

1. Introduction to technologies and sanitation problems: Emmanuel Trouvé (France)
2. Recycling and reuse of waste waters in the Middle East context: Pinchas Fine (Israel)
3. What technologies for waste-water treatment in small communities in developing countries?: Omar Assobhei (Morocco)
4. Towards an integrated and sustainable waste-water treatment; the Palestine experience: Mustafa Ibrahim Khamis (Palestina)
5. Discussion

11:00-13:00Session 3 (continued) :
B. Policies and strategies of sanitation
1. New tools for water treatment, education, maintenance programme: new visions and perspectives: Louis Cot (France) and Gilbert Rios (chair SIMEV-Unesco)
2. Integrated approach to water-quality control: Mohamed El Mghari Tabib (Morocco)
3. Integrated management of sanitary crises linked to water and sanitation: Vincenzio Belgiorno (Italy)
4. Water, women and leadership: Asma El Kasmi (General Director, Arab Water Academy - AWA)
5. Pedagogy of interactions with water among children and adults: Olivier Houdé (France)
6. Discussion
14:30-16:00Session 4: General discussion
Economical, Social and Sanitary Dimensions of Water Policies

- Chair: André Capron

- Economic approach: Mohamed El Faïz (Morocco) ; Fadhel Htira (Tunisia)
- The Plan Bleu : Mohammed Blinda
- Epidemiological monitoring and follow-up: new tools: Philippe Guérin (France)
- Political and socio-anthropological constraints: Yannick Jaffré (France)
- Discussion

16:30-18:30Conclusions and Recommendations
- Co-Chairs: Albert Sasson and André Capron

- Presentations by the rapporteurs of the conclusions of the four sessions

- Eneko Landaburu, Ambassador of the European Union to Morocco

- Catherine Bréchignac, Permanent Secretary of the Académie des sciences-Institut de France

- Omar Fassi-Fehri, Permanent Secretary of the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology.


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IV. Conference GID-Parmenides