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Saturday 30 October 2010, by Francis Segond
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Proceedings of the 3rd Mediterranean Scientific Conference GID - Parmenides - "The tree"
"Mediterranean Wealth and Diversity; Biology and Culture"

Bibliotheca Alexandrina, June 21st-24th, 2010
Alexandria - Egypt

Symposium 1 : "The tree"

This second part of the proceedings of the Alexandria Conference gathers the papers read during the symposium and the workshops, dedicated to the Tree .


- Hala Barakat (Egypt)
- Sandro Pignatti (Italy)

- Jean-Paul Lanly (France)
- Américo Mendes (Portugal)
- Chadi Mohanna (Lebanon)
- Placido Plaza (CIHEAM)

- Sandro Pignatti (Linceo, Italy)

1. Assessment and Monitoring of Mediterranean Woody Formations:
- Mohamed Saket & coll. (FAO, Bureau régional -Proche-Orient et Afrique du Nord-, Cairo)

2. Biodiversity of Woody Ecosystems:
- Jacques Blondel (CEFE, France), in collaboration with Yves Birot, François Lefèvre, Frédéric Médail

3. Forest and Wooded Areas: Economics and Policies (Goods and Services):
- Américo Mendes (Portugal)
- Pere Riera (Spain)
- Hamed Daly-Hassen (Tunisia)
- Jean de Montgolfier (Plan Bleu)

4. Institutions and Governance:
- Abdeladim Lhafi (Morocco)

- Chadi Mohanna (Lebanon)


The Future of the tree in the Mediterranean:
Management, Conservation and Development of Tree and Wooded Areas: New Approaches and Technologies

- Ibrahim Nahal (Syria)

- Placido Plaza,
- Jean-Paul Lanly

- Christophe Du Castel (AFD/FFEM)
- Gérard Bégni (CNES)
- Hala Barakat (CultNat, Egypt)
- Mohamed Sabir (Morocco)
- Ahmet Seyaz (Turkey)
- Mohamed Larbi Chakroun (Tunisia, AIFM)

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