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A partial list of translations from Arabic into Hebrew and from Hebrew into Arabic

A partial list of translations from Arabic into Hebrew and from Hebrew into Arabic

Edited by Yohanan Friedmann and Livnat Barkan


In the meeting of Parmenides III and the General Assembly of the Euro-Mediterranean Academic Network (EMAN) in Alexandria in June 2010, there was a discussion of The Translation, an Essential Element of Diversity. A brief lecture on translations from Arabic to Hebrew and from Hebrew to Arabic throughout the ages was presented at the meeting by Yohanan Friedmann. In the ensuing discussion, the idea of preparing a list of such translations was raised and gained favorable reception.

The attached list is a first result of this project. It includes books produced both in the Arab countries (mainly in Egypt) and in Israel. We found it advisable to classify the books by category, so that the reader can gain impression of the genres which are included.  This manner of arrangement enables the reader to see what type of material in one language aroused the interest of readers on the other side of the divide.

The list has been prepared from the online catalogue of the National Library of Israel. It is not full and there are many additional titles, which may be added in the future. The editors believe that even this partial list is significant: it shows that despite the complex relationship between Israel and its Arab neighbors, the cultural boundaries between the two sides are far from impenetrable.

Translations from Arabic to Hebrew and vice versa have also been a subject of academic research:

Amnon Zipin, Bibliography of modern Hebrew literature in Arabic translation, 1948-1979. Tel Aviv: 1980.

Mahmoud Kayyal, Bibliography of Arabic translations and studies about modern Hebrew literature in Israel and the Arab world.Tel Aviv: 2003.

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