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SCIENCE AND HEALTH IN THE MEDITERRANEAN COUNTRIES : genes, pathogens and the environment

Comité scientifique    

Jean-François BACH (France), Maurizio BRUNORI (Italy), André CAPRON (France), Antonio CASSONE (Italy), Bruno DALLAPICCOLA (Italy), Rajae El Aouad (Morocco), Claude Griscelli (France), Lucio LUZZATTO (Italy), Arnold MÜnnich (France), Giuseppe NOVELLI (Italy), Fabrizio OLEARI (Italy), Charles Pilet (France), Albert sasson (Morocco), Mario STEFANINI (Italy), Alain-Jacques Valleron (France), Paolo VILLARI (Italy), Yehia Halim zaky (Egypt)

Comité d’organisation
     Maurizio BRUNORI (Chair), Antonio CASSONE, Lucio LUZZATTO, Giuseppe NOVELLI, Mario STEFANINI

Avec le soutien de :

  • Ministero della Salute
  • Ministero degli Affari Esteri
  • Fondazione Roma - Mediterraneo
  • Istituto Superiore di Sanità
  • Fondo « Amalia Bruno Frassetto »


Lundi, 12 Octobre   

Cérémonie d’ouverture

16.30 Discours de bienvenue :

  • Lamberto Maffei, Presidente, Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei
  • Ferruccio Fazio, Vice Ministro, Ministero della Salute
  • Jean-Marc de La Sablière, Ambassadeur de France en Italie
  • Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele, Presidente, Fondazione Roma - Mediterraneo
  • Enrico Garaci, Presidente, Istituto Superiore di Sanità
  • André Capron, Président du GID

Opening remarks by

  • Rita Levi-Montalcini (Italy), Nobel Laureate in Medicine 1986

18.00 Chair : Maurizio Brunori (Italy)

  • Keynote lecture by Rino Rappuoli (Italy) : Vaccines, a health insurance of the 21st century
Mardi, 13 Octobre

Symposium 1
Chair : Bruno Dallapiccola (Italy), Claude Griscelli (France)

8.30 - Arnold Münnich (France), Introduction

8.50 - Nejat Akar (Turkey), Familial Mediterranean fever in Mediterranean countries

9.05 - Marc Bartoli (France), (pending)

9.20 - Abdelaziz Sefiani (Morocco), Genetic disorders in Morocco

9.35 - Marina Kleanthous (Cyprus), Thalassemic syndromes

9.50 - Amos Etzioni (Israel), Primary immunodeficiency in the Middle East : genetic and environmental aspects

10.05 - Coffee break


Symposium 2
Chair : Ruth Arnon (Israel), Magdi H. Yacoub (Egypt)

10.30 - Alain-Jacques Valleron (France), New methodological challenges in environmental epidemiology

10.50 - Silvia Naitza (Italy), Understanding the genetic determinants of allergic asthma in the Sardinian population

11.05 - Gideon Rechavi (Israel), Environmental modulation of RNA processing : relevance to cancer and genetic diseases

11.20 - Massimo Federico (Italy), The Olive Tree Project : a cooperation across the Mediterranean Sea for cancer registration

11.35 - Carlos Martinez-A. (Spain), (pending)

11.50 - « Arnaldo Bruno » Special Lecture on Gynaecology :
Chair : Paolo Villari (Rome, ITALY)
Pier Luigi Benedetti Panici (Italy), Evolution of treatment for cervical cancer

12.30 - Abdelali Haoudi (Qatar), Research, science and technology at Qatar Foundation : an innovative model for the renaissance of science in the Arab/Islamic world

12.45 - Michèle Gendreau-Massaloux (France), The mission of the Union pour la Méditerranée


Symposium 3
Epidemiology of Infectious and Emerging Diseases
Chair : Pietro Cappuccinelli (Italy), François Gros (France)

14.00 - Antonio Cassone (Italy), Introduction : impact of human and animal migrations on infectious diseases

14.20 - Suher Zada (Egypt), Epidemiology of schistosomiasis and facioliasis in Egypt

14.35 - Angelos Hatzakis (Greece), Pandemic influenza H1N1 in Greece : mitigation strategies

14.50 - Salah Ottmani (Morocco/WHO), Tuberculosis and tuberculosis control in the WHO Regions of Europe and Eastern Mediterranean area

15.05 - Ilaria Capua (Italy), Pandemic potential of animal origin influenza viruses

15.20 - Charles Pilet (France), Implications of zoonosis on public health and consequences in the Mediterranean area

15.35 - Giovanni Romeo (Italy), Training in genetic medicine in the Mediterranean area through the web : the role of the European Genetics Foundation

15.50 - Coffee break

16.30 - 19.30 - The Round Tables are held in parallel, in different rooms


Round Table 1
Chairpersons and Rapporteurs : Claude Griscelli (France), Arnold Münnich (France), Giuseppe Novelli (Italy)

Discussants :

Nejat Akar (Turkey) ; Antonio Cao (Italy) ; Bruno Dallapiccola (Italy) ; Amos Etzioni (Israel) ; Alex E. Felice (Malta) ; Moien Kanaan* (Palestine) ; Marina Kleanthous (Cyprus) ; Marc Bartoli (France) ; Abdelaziz Sefiani (Morocco)


Round Table 2
Chairpersons and Rapporteurs : Franco Cecchi (Italy), Alain-Jacques Valleron (France), Yehia Halim Zaky (Egypt)

Discussants :

Sébastien Abis (France) ; Ruth Arnon (Israel) ; Massimo Federico (Italy) ; Antonio Golini (Italy) ; Carlos Martinez-A. (Spain) ; Silvia Naitza (Italy) ; Fabrizio Oleari (Italy) ; Gideon Rechavi (Israel) ; Yehuda Shoenfeld (Israel)


Round Table 3
Epidemiology of Infectious and Emerging Diseases
Chairpersons and Rapporteurs : Antonio Cassone (Italy), Yücel Kanpolat (Turkey), Charles Pilet (France)

Discussants :

Ahmed Achris (Lybia) ; Silvia Bino (Albania) ; Ilaria Capua (Italy) ; Maged El Sherbini (Egypt) ; El Said El Sherbini (Egypt) ; Antonio Güell (France) ; Angelos Hatzakis (Greece) ; Giuseppe Ippolito (Italy) ; Giovanni Rezza (Scheduled to deliver an oral presentation) (Italy) ; Jorge Torgal (Portugal) ; Paolo Villari (Italy) ; Suher Zada (Egypt)

Mercredi, 14 Octobre


8.30 - Continuation of the Round Table discussions in parallel, and approval by the Round Table participants of the documents with concluding remarks/synthesis.

Plenary session

9.30 - Chair : Mario Stefanini (Italy)
Lecture by Gilberto Corbellini (Italy), Italian scientific contribution to the understanding of malaria ecoepidemiology : a historical account

10.00 - Coffee break

10.15 - Chair : André Capron (France), Fabrizio Oleari (Italy)
Rapporteurs presenting and commenting the syntheses/documents of the 3 Round Tables. General discussion and approval of documents.

12.30 - Chair : Lucio Luzzatto (Italy)
Lecture by Jean-François Bach (France), Genes and environment : the example of immune disorders

13.15 - Final addresses